Thursday, 19 April 2018

Kye Arnold and Colin Tarry are winners in Kent

Action in the playing room
Kent Invicta recently held three tournaments under WASPA banner.

On March 9, Kye Arnold finished on top after defeating Nicky Chappell in the final. Kye, who is currently number 1 in the WASPA Junior ranking, was a in a good day and won the final on shots.

Final Standings:
1.  Kye Arnold
2. Nicky Chappell
3. Dave Collier
4. Terry Arnold
5. Paul Frank
6. Mel Stanford
7. Tony Whitelock

Adrian vs Kye

On March 16, there was another good field of 7 players. After the group stage, the were no surprises and Kye arnold defeated Terry Arnold in the final.

Dave vs Tony
Final Standings:
1. Kye Arnold
2. Terry Arnold
3. Paul Frank
4. Rob McCormick
5. Mel Stanford
6. Ian Galloway
7. Chris Galloway

The event run on April 6 had 10 players competing and saw Colin Tarry and Adrian Davies back in action. Tarry defeated Davies on shots in the final to offer the title to his club of TSPA White star.

Paul vs Colin
Final Standings:
1. Colin Tarry
2. Adrian Davies
3. Nicky Chappell
4. Kye Arnold
5. Josh Foreman
6. Terry Arnold
7. Dave Collier
8. Tony Whitelock
9. Rob McCormick
10. Paul Frank

The next tournament in Gillingham will be held on April 27.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Lima is now on the map

Claudio, Davide and Manuel
Action on the beautiful pitch
Last Saturday was definately a day to remember for international table football. The very first tournament in Peru took place in Lima. Of course, there was a very small field of three but results were not the thing to remember. Local organizer Manuel Delgado was the happy host of the day while the other two competitors were Davide Bozzano, an Italian based in Lima, and Claudio Murcilli, the well-known champion from Argentina. Claudio won the historic tournament, a good way to settle strong bases for Subbuteo in the country. "Fenix Subbuteo Club 18" might become the first club in the country with hopefully more new members joining soon. The three involved players will receive their first WASPA points and for our circuit, it is simply fantastic to welcome a new nation.

With Peru joing the international Subbuteo scene, this is another step forward for the game in South America. We all remember the try to establish the game in Colombia in the early 2000's while players in Argentina, Brazil and Chile have already competed in FISTF and WASPA events. In the past, Uruguay also had a couple of players. With Peru being now on the map, there are real hopes to create a stronger circuit in South America. Fir sure the WASPA circuti will be a great help for all these players to get experience in minor events before playing for glory in FISTF level.

Good luck to all the people helping the game to grow all over the world!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Martinog Bradley wins the Easter Cup

Martinog Bradley retains his Easter Cup Champion title, topping the table in a league format. Mark McCrossan took runner up with new comer Simon Stewart returning to the game after a 16 year absence with a very respectable round of games for 3rd place. Today also saw the long awaited return of James McGillian to DCTFC.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Perfect evening for Rémi Soret in Templeuve

The final four of the evening: Marain, Soret, Despretz and Lambert
Good field of 17 including 8 players from AS Hennuyer
A fantastic turnout of 17 made the latest Templeuve tournament very special. Among competitors, there were four players from France but also a strong presence of the AS Hennuyer teams with 8 representatives. The tournament was played in Swiss system with good games for everyone. Rémi Soret was on fire and won his four games. Geoffrey Marain was runner-up with 9 points and more goals scored than Steffen Despretz and Stéphane Lambert.

In the agenda there will be a very international tournament on June 16. Interested players and clubs can contact Vincent Coppenolle at or check detail on the club's website.

Final standings:
1. Rémi Soret
2. Geoffrey Marain
3. Steffen Despretz
4. Stéphane Lambert
5. Benoit Lagneau
6. Eric Caillaux
7. Vincent Coppenolle
8. Matthias Averlant
9. Corentin Boltz
10. Louis Soret
11. Franck Santer
12. André Boltz
13. Florian Renaut
14. Léa Despretz
15. Benjamin Marain
16. Soan Marain
17. Héléna Marain

Nikos Pappas takes Easter Cup

A great turnout of 27

On April 1, 27 players from different clubs competed in Olympia's Easter Cup. It was nice to see Olympia Subbuteo Club holding a tournament again.

The winner was Nikos Pappas, a member of the local club. He defeated Dimitris Kourabas (SBSC) in the final. Alberto Di Maggio (Nostuas) and George Kollias (Falcons) reached the semi-finals. There was a festive atmosphere and a lot of fun was had by all players.

Congratulations to the winner Nikos, to the hosts Olympia and to all the participants for a great tournament.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Ciaran Rodgers wins in Donegal

In Donegal, Ireland, four players attended the tournament held on April 13. Ciaran Rodgers took the honors after finishing on top of the league with 7 points while Brendan Rodgers was runner-up. A good day was had by all. We are very glad to see action in the Republic of Ireland!

A good turnout in Harrow

On Wednesday the Harrow Hawks met for another day of their local circuit. The evening was fantastic as there was an impressive record of 12 entries. Among them there were some youngsters, proving efforts are made to attract new blood. It was good also to see Andy Zelinger doing a come-back after a very long hiatus. Marco Ghigliotti proved to be in a great day as he finished the evening with 10 points, which was enough to claim the title. Zoran Higgins was runner-up and Elliot Bellefontaine took the third place.

Final standings:
1. Marco Ghigliotti
2. Zoran Higgins
3. Elliot Bellefontaine
4. Rudi Peterschinigg
5. Martin Bellefontaine
6. David Peterschinigg
7. Victor Jones
8. Francesca Bellefontaine
9. Neil Doherty
10. Panos Stemitsiotis
10. Andy Zelinger
12. James Higgins

Some more action in Letham

Last Sunday Dundee United players met for another day of the domestic circuit. A group of seven gave a chance to everyone to play six good games.

Steve Bennett finished on top of the league with 6 wins while Gareth Christie was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Steve Bennett
2. Gareth Christie
3. David Baxter
4. Rob Conway
5. Andy Beskaby
6. Dave Minty
7. Craig Thom

Jos Ceulemans wins in the Flanders

On Monday Subbuteo Club Flanders was holding another tournament in Hofstade with a good turnout of 8. Jos Ceulemans finished on top after winning the decisive game in the last session against Geert Leys. Good job Jos!

Final standings:
1. Jos Ceulemans
2. Frank Lannoy
3. Matthias Averlant
4. Vincent Coppenolle
5. Johan Lourdon
6. Geert Leys
7. Stéphane Lambert
8. Philippe Thys

Friday, 13 April 2018

Giorgos Pitihoutis wins Kallithea tournament

On April 31, the last tournament of the month took place in the premises of the Kallithea Flame. Giorgos Pitihoutis took the honors as he defeated Nikos Liakopoulos in a close final.

Panagiotis Panagiotides and Mike Tastsoglou took the 3rd and 4rth places.

It was another good day of table football with fair and friendly players.